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- Sep 30, 2018 -

On top among those who prefer metal packaging comes the food industry, especially the canning industry.

Canning ensures that the food preserving process is done correctly and effectively by using metal packaging. Metal food cans and twist off closures have many advantages from fast production cababilities to easy shipping possibilities.

Foods filled in metal packaging do not need any additives. Foods filled in metal packaging do not loose their nourishing properties and keep their original taste for long.

Weight of metal packaging is low and its resistance is high. Metal packaging is resistant to physical shocks. Therefore metal packaging has a low cost of storing, loading and shipping.

Application of multi colour printing increases the preference of metal packaging, supporting the marketing activities of food products.

It is possible to produce metal packaging at almost any dimensions and form, thus making possible packaging of food products at desired weights.

Metal Packaging can be hermatically closed and heat treated enabling sterile food products.

Foods filled in metal packaging have a longer shef life(minimum two years).