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High-end liquor wine box
- Aug 21, 2018 -

In particular, in the paper containers of domestic wine boxes, corrugated boxes, E-shaped corrugated boxes, and micro corrugated cardboard are used very little, which is in sharp contrast with the international. Personally, it is considered that the promotion and promotion are not enough, and it is limited by many reasons such as traditional habits and production conditions of domestic processing manufacturers.

In addition, the packaging of wine boxes has also appeared in other forms of packaging such as wood packaging, metal packaging, etc., but paper materials and paper wine boxes are still the mainstream, and the direction of development, and will be further expanded. Because the carton is light, it has excellent processing and printing performance, and it is convenient to handle and does not pollute the environment. In particular, there are many varieties of paper and paperboard, and it can meet the requirements of designers. In China, it is particularly important to emphasize that not only the outer casing of the wine box is made of paper material, but also the inner structural cushioning material should promote the paper structure. E-type corrugated cardboard, micro corrugated cardboard, and pulp molding paper should be strongly advocated in the packaging of wine boxes. Miniature corrugated cardboard, beautiful appearance, good cushioning performance, suitable for printing. When designing, the packaging shell and the inner part can be unified into one material, and many can be formed into one plate, which saves cost and saves space.

In recent years, red wine wine boxes are more and more representative of the development trend of wine boxes. Red wine is an imported product, and the requirements for packaging are very high. Therefore, the wine wine box market has emerged. The current red wine wine boxes on the market have wooden ones. And leather, wood is generally used for low-end red wine, leather for high-end red wine.

Occupy the liquor market

The number of wine brands is increasing. How to occupy the wine sales market has become the primary issue for all wine producers. A beautiful wine packaging box can greatly increase the sales volume of red wine, which is conducive to the better occupation of the market by the wine brand. In terms of how to make your own wine packaging more visually impactful to achieve sales, this is a question that has been considered by Huamu Packaging.

1. The design of the wine packaging box: not limited to the traditional rectangular parallelepiped, but also the drum type, and only the tote bag. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of paper products, they are mostly used for single-piece, double-packed and three-packed, but more bottles are only made of wood. Color is also based on simplicity, and classic colors such as red, black and gold are used repeatedly. One is based on the dark color, and more uses deep black, dark red, brown, with bright color printed LOGO and other advertising icon statements.

2. Selection of wine packaging boxes: PET sheets are considered to be an ideal packaging material for (ROSH) environmental protection requirements.

3. Choose a long-term stable wine box supplier: When the traditional festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival come, there is a stable wine box supplier, which can better ensure the wine sales work. Such as: Bai Nian packaging.

4, custom have their own company logo wine packaging accessories, brand.

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