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sodium hexametaphosphate
- Aug 21, 2018 -

It is a glassy phosphate with a ratio of NA2O/P2O5 molecules of nearly 1. Used to be called "Granham" salt. Founded by Granham in 1832. He heats and dehydrates the sodium dihydrogen phosphate to a salt which is heated at its melting point (625 ° C) and rapidly cools the melt to obtain a hygroscopic Granham salt.


Mainly used in the food and industrial industries. The food industry applications are mainly:

·Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in meat products, fish sausages, ham, etc. It can improve water retention, increase adhesion and prevent fat oxidation;

·Used in bean paste and soy sauce to prevent discoloration, increase viscosity, shorten fermentation period and adjust taste;

·Used for fruit drinks and refreshing drinks, which can increase the juice yield, increase the viscosity, and inhibit the decomposition of vitamin C;

·Used in ice cream to improve the expansion capacity, increase the volume, enhance the emulsification to prevent the destruction of the paste, and improve the taste and color;

·Used in dairy products and beverages to prevent gel precipitation;

·Adding beer can clarify the liquor and prevent turbidity;

·Used in beans, canned fruits and vegetables, can stabilize natural pigments and protect food color;

·Sodium hexametaphosphate aqueous solution is sprayed on the cured meat to improve the anti-corrosion performance.