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Can Sodium Tripolyphosphate Be Eaten
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Use of sodium tripolyphosphate: It is used as a quality improver and a moisture retaining agent for meat products, fruit drinks, beer, dairy products, and soy products. It is used for ham and canned food to make meat tender and increase adhesion; it can be used for water products to increase weight and keep fresh; for milk products to prevent protein from coagulation and sedimentation; to prevent beverage oxidation, change, color change and prevent decomposition of vitamin C; Soy protein is modified to strengthen the function of soy protein; it is used to soften the outer skin of fruits and vegetables and canned beans. It can also be used as a softener and thickener.

It is a thickener in foods. It is always bad to eat more food additives. However, if you eat it occasionally, it will not affect your body. Since it can be added to the food we buy every day, it means that it is edible. Will not be harmful to the body.