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Candle Tins With Lids
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Candle jars - refer to jars that are specially filled with candles, or shaped candle jars that can be ignited directly.

Types of

1. Shaped candle jars are generally made of metal materials and are characterized by durability and ease of storage.

2, candle storage tanks The material of this candle jar is generally not much limited, there are plastic, metal, and wood

Use and maintenance

A researcher once said: "Many people use the shaped candle jars to make the wax flow out or the process deforms the box, causing the candle to be discarded. When using the storage tank, more people will use it. Using the jar as a candle cushion, so that the jar is severely deformed, what should you pay attention to during use? How to maintain it?

1, the candle cans must be square, can not be tilted, otherwise it will lead to wax outflow during use

2. When the candle burns almost, please don't let the candle continue to burn down, otherwise it will cause the jar to deform.

3, the storage tank can not be directly used as a candle mat, let alone the candle and then until it is extinguished

4. When extinguishing the candle can, do not use the cover to extinguish it. It is best to blow it out first.