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How To Correctly Use Sodium Hexametaphosphate ?
- Mar 15, 2019 -

Sodium hexametaphosphate mainly on softening water quality in the printing process, the role of chelating heavy metal ions. In pulping, often used in the washing process. As a kind of commonly used auxiliaries, some factories due to not attach importance to its chemical properties in the fuck do very casual, caused heavy printing products feel stiff (especially) to take off the paste is not clear or washed color. The main cause of above disease has the following points: 1) sodium hexametaphosphate is not in operation. According to the actual situation to join or measurement no measurement when the quantity is little, feel is hard, too much may be overly complex and color light and color change. Everyone knows this truth, so avoid above. 2) using sodium hexametaphosphate is not to be sealed bags or in a cool and dry place. It attaches great importance to the people is less. And that is also a strange fall with water color paste is not net and one of the main reasons. The paste is not clean off a film of the paste on the clinical manifestations of pattern, dry rub to rub down with the hand, but no matter how many times wash machine wash (except with EDTA, etc.) would wash over. 3) when washing the six partial in what process is the most important role under the condition of don't know much. So in the dyeing and printing the right way to reasonable use of sodium hexametaphosphate is a) according to water quality and the chemical structure of dyes, targeted strictly measure the auxiliaries. Like it doesn't rain for months, haining salty tide, water quality is poorer, such as the six partial dosage is 1% - 1% more than conventional. Of course it is best to use the water quality test paper to determine water quality. With the activity of containing heavy metal ions, acid dyes, six partial appropriate is about 1% more than conventional.