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The Two Common USES Of Trisodium Phosphate
- Mar 17, 2019 -

Trisodium phosphate used in metallurgical, chemical, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, has been used as a water softener, such as mechanical and electrical industrial boiler tube cleaner and detergent, metal corrosion inhibitor.Dye intermediates of desiccant, sugar sugar juice purifying agent, photographic developer, fabric mercerizing strengthening agent, rubber milk coagulate agent, also has the certain application in pharmaceutical preparation.
General common use trisodium phosphate of two categories:
1, industrial USES
The fixing agent when printing and dyeing, fabric mercerizing strengthening agent, metal corrosion inhibitor agent or rust inhibitor.Enamel industry used as flux and decoloring agent.Leather industry is used as the raw hides the degreasing agent and degumming agent.Can be used as cleaning agent of aluminium corrosion inhibitor and steel corrosion inhibitor, calcium and magnesium salt and hard water, become insoluble calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate salt;The phosphate not sticky, not like calcium, magnesium salt soap glued on the fabric.In addition, also has the permeability and the emulsification, can increase water wetting ability, has certain emulsification, is coated to the surface of the hard and dirt on metal surface is wonderful detergent.
2, food use
Make quality improver, improve food complexation metal ions, pH, and ionic strength increases, thus improving food and focus on and hold water.Rules can be used in the cheese in China, the maximum amount 5 g/kg;In the western-style ham, meat, fish, shrimp and crab in the maximum amount of 3.0 g/kg;In canned, juice, beverage and dairy products in the biggest usage is 0.5 g/kg.