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Tin Can Basic Introduction
- Mar 15, 2019 -

    Tin can is made of tin cans, generally speaking, in order to packaging beautiful, and the use of printing, commonly known as printing tin.

    According to its practical application is divided into moon cakes usually cans, iron tea pot, coffee pot, cookie jar, health food cans, beauty, holding tank, piggy bank, sealed cans, milk cans, wine, Christmas cans, gift cans, the candle jar, metal barrels, badge, cup mat, tin toys, music boxes, cigarette case, pencil case, CD box, cigarette case, all kinds of special-shaped cans of mould, etc.

    According to the shape classification is divided into circular tank, rectangular tank, square tank, hand push box, shaped tank (heart/oval/car/cartoon animal shape) and so on.

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