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Use Of Trisodium Phosphate For Printing And Dyeing
- Aug 21, 2018 -

(1) As a hard water softener Trisodium phosphate is used as a treatment agent for boiler water furnace.

Note: 1. Trisodium phosphate can work with soluble calcium salts and magnesium salts which are easy to form scales in water, and insoluble precipitates such as calcium phosphate Ca3 (PO4) 2 and magnesium phosphate Mg3 (PO4) 2 are suspended in water. So that the boiler does not get dirty.

      2. At the same time, the excess trisodium phosphate can also make the knotted part of the scale become soft and fall off. This saves boiler coal, maintains boiler safety and extends boiler life. 

 (2) for cotton scouring auxiliaries Cotton scouring water, water contains hardness, should be added with appropriate amount of trisodium phosphate as a softener. Its advantages enable an increase in the capillary effect of the fabric.

Note: 1. After the trisodium phosphate softens the hard water, the burning in the training liquid is not consumed by the hard water, which promotes the scouring effect of the burning on the cotton cloth.

     2. Trisodium phosphate reacts with calcium and magnesium salts in hard water to become insoluble calcium phosphate and magnesium phosphate salts; these phosphates are not sticky and do not stick to the fabric like the calcium and magnesium salts of soap. In addition, it also has penetration and emulsification.

      3. Under normal water hardness, the amount of trisodium phosphate is about 0.5-1 g/L.

(3) As a detergent, the metal cleansing agent, trisodium phosphate, has a slippery feeling in water, can increase the wetting ability of water, has a certain emulsification effect, and is excellent for coating hard surfaces and metal surfaces. Detergent.

 Note: 1. The laboratory can wash the bottle with 1% trisodium phosphate solution to remove dirt.

2. Before the printing cylinder is chrome-plated, the greasy surface of the copper cylinder can be washed with 5% trisodium phosphate solution to promote the smooth chrome plating.