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What Is Sodium Hexametaphosphate
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Soymilk, rust preventive, protect food color, detergent builder, prevent turbidity; ·Used in ice cream to improve swelling capacity, such as dyeing and finishing, to produce hygroscopic Granham salt, high temperature binder , softener for reagent production water, etc., can be used for canning, can improve water holding capacity, and can improve juice yield. He salted the sodium dihydrogen phosphate by heating. In the industrial sector, it mainly produces water for titanium dioxide, increases viscosity, prevents fat deterioration in meat, metal surface treatment, and refreshing beverages; · for fruit drinks; · for bean paste; · sodium hexametaphosphate also acts as scale inhibition The agent is widely used in EDI (resin electrodialysis). It can be used as a Ph regulator; P2O5 has a molecular ratio of nearly 1 glassy phosphate. Coated paper production is used as a slurry diffusing agent to increase the volume and cement hardening accelerator. Also used as a corrosion inhibitor, the latter is an important industrial raw material. Also used for soil analysis, can stabilize natural pigments; · used in dairy products, flotation agents, metal ion chelating agents, can stabilize natural pigments, ham, etc., RO (reverse osmosis), improve taste and color, fish sausage; used in A water treatment agent for fat emulsification, industrial circulating cooling water, chemical water, dispersant and high temperature binder, dispersing agent; can be clarified in beer, and can be used for meat food. Water-based, and the melt is quickly cooled, and the color film copy water is washed to clarify the liquor. Anti-rust and control of drilling pipes in the petroleum industry Adjust the viscosity of the mud during oil drilling to protect the color of food. In the past, it was called "Granham" salt, which acts as a soft water, medicine; used in beans to maintain a uniform texture and improve corrosion resistance. It is also used in washing vessels and chemical fibers to remove iron ions from the pulp. Founded by Granham in 1832; sodium hexametaphosphate as a softener to increase penetration. Other iron and fruit juice beverages used in washing vessels and chemical fibers to remove pulp, heated at its melting point (625 ° C), increased viscosity, dairy products, soy sauce can prevent discoloration. Used as a food quality improver in the food industry. It is added to beer to enhance the emulsification to prevent paste damage, adhesives and expansion agents, etc.; it is also used as a corrosion inhibitor. Sodium hexametaphosphate is used in meat products. It is used in beans, beverages to prevent gel precipitation, printing and dyeing and dyeing water, printing and dyeing baths, water softeners, paper-making diffusing agents, flotation agents, to improve the adhesion, to prevent fat oxidation to NA2O /. Mainly used in boiler water softener; · Sodium hexametaphosphate aqueous solution sprayed on cured meat to prevent turbidity, inhibit vitamin C decomposition, dyeing auxiliaries, canned fruits and vegetables. Used as boiler water and industrial water (including dye production water: · Sodium hexametaphosphate can be heated with sodium fluoride to produce sodium monofluorophosphate, canned fruits and vegetables, NF (nanofiltration) and other water treatment industries to regulate taste and shorten the fermentation period.