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cake tin box

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Description:A good packaging is the best and most cost-effective advertisement for your products such as Chocolate, Biscuit, Candy, Snack, Cookie, Coffee, Tea, Olive Oil, Wine, Toy, CD, Watch, gift packing and various food packing.


Size:250mm x 250mm x 95mm

Lead Time:25~30days after receive your 30% deposit.

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Custom packaging

If you place an order, please contact customer service.

1. If the sponge or EVA lining inside the iron box needs to be grooved, the special size needs to open the die: the die cost is  USD10 

Can be provided with a long * wide size to open the mold (opening the mold order quantity of 100), please do not misunderstand the iron box mold fee,

2. Laser can be provided, the charging standard is calculated according to the laser area,

3. Silk screen can be provided, the amount of silk screen printing can be calculated according to the silk screen color,

4. Can provide color printing, 5000 orders, the price is calculated separately,

5. Can provide flat color printing, printing one side fee of $0.35,

The factory has a production tinplate box, square box round box, the above offer is a silver tin box, the link is the price of the empty box, you need a custom sponge or EVA, or custom silk screen color printing laser embossed gravure needs additional charges. If it is a customized tin box, the delivery time is based on the customer and the seller to negotiate the delivery date. If it is the spot, the buyer and the seller should also negotiate the delivery date. If you need a sample, please contact us first, thank you for your support, cooperation is welcome, welcome to consult! ! !

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